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gl_current_attrib Struct Reference

#include <mtypes.h>

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Detailed Description

Current attribute group (GL_CURRENT_BIT).

Definition at line 619 of file mtypes.h.

Public Attributes

Current vertex attributes.
Values are valid only after FLUSH_VERTICES has been called.

Index and Edgeflag current values are stored as floats in the SIX and SEVEN attribute slots.

GLfloat Attrib [VERT_ATTRIB_MAX][4]
Current raster position attributes (always valid).
This set of attributes is very similar to the SWvertex struct.

GLfloat RasterColor [4]
GLfloat RasterDistance
GLfloat RasterIndex
GLfloat RasterPos [4]
GLboolean RasterPosValid
GLfloat RasterSecondaryColor [4]
GLfloat RasterTexCoords [MAX_TEXTURE_COORD_UNITS][4]

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