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com::SafeArrayTraits< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <array.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct com::SafeArrayTraits< T >

Provides various helpers for SafeArray.

T Type of array elements.
Specializations of this template must provide the following methods:

Returns the VARTYPE of COM SafeArray elements to be used for T static VARTYPE VarType();

Returns the number of VarType() elements necessary for aSize elements of T static ULONG VarCount (size_t aSize);

Returns the number of elements of T that fit into the given number of VarType() elements (opposite to VarCount (size_t aSize)). static size_t Size (ULONG aVarCount);

Creates a deep copy of aFrom and stores it in aTo static void Copy (ULONG aFrom, ULONG &aTo);

Definition at line 391 of file array.h.

Static Protected Member Functions

static void Copy (T aFrom, T &aTo)
static SAFEARRAY * CreateSafeArray (VARTYPE aVarType, SAFEARRAYBOUND *aBound)
static size_t Size (ULONG aVarCount)
static ULONG VarCount (size_t aSize)
static VARTYPE VarType ()

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