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__DriverAPIRec Struct Reference

#include <dri_util.h>

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Detailed Description

Driver callback functions.

Each DRI driver must have one of these structures with all the pointers set to appropriate functions within the driver.

When glXCreateContext() is called, for example, it'll call a helper function dri_util.c which in turn will jump through the CreateContext pointer in this structure.

Definition at line 123 of file dri_util.h.

Public Attributes

void(* CopySubBuffer )(__DRIdrawable *driDrawPriv, int x, int y, int w, int h)
GLboolean(* CreateBuffer )(__DRIscreen *driScrnPriv, __DRIdrawable *driDrawPriv, const __GLcontextModes *glVis, GLboolean pixmapBuffer)
GLboolean(* CreateContext )(const __GLcontextModes *glVis, __DRIcontext *driContextPriv, void *sharedContextPrivate)
void(* DestroyBuffer )(__DRIdrawable *driDrawPriv)
void(* DestroyContext )(__DRIcontext *driContextPriv)
void(* DestroyScreen )(__DRIscreen *driScrnPriv)
int(* GetDrawableMSC )(__DRIscreen *priv, __DRIdrawable *drawablePrivate, int64_t *count)
int(* GetSwapInfo )(__DRIdrawable *dPriv, __DRIswapInfo *sInfo)
void(* HandleBufferAttach )(__DRIdrawable *dPriv, __DRIcontext *pcp, __DRIBufferAttachEvent *ba)
void(* HandleDrawableConfig )(__DRIdrawable *dPriv, __DRIcontext *pcp, __DRIDrawableConfigEvent *event)
const __DRIconfig **(* InitScreen )(__DRIscreen *priv)
const __DRIconfig **(* InitScreen2 )(__DRIscreen *priv)
GLboolean(* MakeCurrent )(__DRIcontext *driContextPriv, __DRIdrawable *driDrawPriv, __DRIdrawable *driReadPriv)
void(* SwapBuffers )(__DRIdrawable *driDrawPriv)
GLboolean(* UnbindContext )(__DRIcontext *driContextPriv)
int64_t(* SwapBuffersMSC )(__DRIdrawable *priv, int64_t target_msc, int64_t divisor, int64_t remainder)
int(* WaitForMSC )(__DRIdrawable *priv, int64_t target_msc, int64_t divisor, int64_t remainder, int64_t *msc)
int(* WaitForSBC )(__DRIdrawable *priv, int64_t target_sbc, int64_t *msc, int64_t *sbc)

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