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__DRIdrawableRec Struct Reference

#include <dri_util.h>

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Detailed Description

Per-drawable private DRI driver information.

Definition at line 256 of file dri_util.h.

Public Attributes

struct {
   unsigned int   drawable_id
   unsigned int   tail
void * driverPrivate
drm_drawable_t hHWDrawable
unsigned int index
unsigned int lastStamp
void * loaderPrivate
unsigned int * pStamp
int refcount
unsigned int swap_interval
Back and depthbuffer
Information about the back and depthbuffer where different from above.

int backClipRectType
int backX
int backY
int numBackClipRects
Drawable information used in software fallbacks.

int h
int numClipRects
int w
int x
int y
Monotonic MSC tracking
Low level driver is responsible for updating msc_base and vblSeq values so that higher level code can calculate a new msc value or msc target for a WaitMSC call. The new value will be: msc = msc_base + get_vblank_count() - vblank_base;

And for waiting on a value, core code will use: actual_target = target_msc - msc_base + vblank_base;

int64_t msc_base
int64_t vblank_base
Vertical blank tracking information
Used for waiting on vertical blank events.

unsigned int vblFlags
unsigned int vblSeq

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