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VBOXXPCOMC Struct Reference

#include <VBoxCAPI_v2_2.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Function table for dynamic linking. Use VBoxGetFunctions() to obtain the pointer to it.

Definition at line 4791 of file VBoxCAPI_v2_2.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned cb
void(* pfnComInitialize )(IVirtualBox **virtualBox, ISession **session)
void(* pfnComUnallocMem )(void *pv)
void(* pfnComUninitialize )(void)
unsigned int(* pfnGetVersion )(void)
void(* pfnUtf16Free )(PRUnichar *pwszString)
int(* pfnUtf16ToUtf8 )(const PRUnichar *pwszString, char **ppszString)
void(* pfnUtf8Free )(char *pszString)
int(* pfnUtf8ToUtf16 )(const char *pszString, PRUnichar **ppwszString)
unsigned uEndVersion
unsigned uVersion

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