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RenderSPU Struct Reference

#include <renderspu.h>

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Detailed Description

Renderspu state info

Definition at line 138 of file renderspu.h.

Public Attributes

CRHashTable * barrierHash
unsigned int context_id
CRHashTable * contextTable
ContextInfo * currentContext
GLint cursorX
GLint cursorY
GLint drawCursor
CRConnection ** gather_conns
int gather_port
int gather_userbuf_size
int id
int is_swap_master
int num_swap_clients
int numVisuals
SPUDispatchTable self
CRServer * server
CRConnection ** swap_conns
char * swap_master_url
int swap_mtu
VisualInfo visuals [MAX_VISUALS]
unsigned int window_id
CRHashTable * windowTable
crOpenGLInterface ws
int borderless
int crut_drawable
int default_visual
unsigned int defaultHeight
unsigned int defaultWidth
int defaultX
int defaultY
char display_string [100]
int draw_bbox
int fullscreen
int ignore_papi
int ignore_window_moves
int lut8 [3][256]
int nvSwapGroup
int ontop
int pbufferHeight
int pbufferWidth
int render_to_app_window
int render_to_crut_window
int resizable
int use_glxchoosevisual
int use_L2
int use_lut8
char * window_title

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