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PGMMMIO2RANGE Struct Reference

#include <PGMInternal.h>

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Detailed Description

A registered MMIO2 (= Device RAM) range.

There are a few reason why we need to keep track of these registrations. One of them is the deregistration & cleanup stuff, while another is that the PGMRAMRANGE associated with such a region may have to be removed from the ram range list.

Overlapping with a RAM range has to be 100% or none at all. The pages in the existing RAM range must not be ROM nor MMIO. A guru meditation will be raised if a partial overlap or an overlap of ROM pages is encountered. On an overlap we will free all the existing RAM pages and put in the ram range pages instead.

Definition at line 1127 of file PGMInternal.h.

Public Member Functions


Public Attributes

uint8_t abAlignemnt [HC_ARCH_BITS==32?1:5]
bool fMapped
bool fOverlapping
uint8_t iRegion

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