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MptIOCFactsReply Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

IO controller facts reply.

Definition at line 349 of file DevLsiLogicSCSI.cpp.

Public Attributes

uint16_t u16CurReplyFrameSize
uint16_t u16GlobalCredits
uint16_t u16IOCExceptions
uint16_t u16IOCStatus
uint16_t u16MessageVersion
uint16_t u16ProductID
uint16_t u16ReplyQueueDepth
uint16_t u16RequestFrameSize
uint16_t u16Reserved1
uint16_t u16Reserved2
uint32_t u32CurrentHostMFAHighAddr
uint32_t u32CurrentSenseBufferHighAddr
uint32_t u32FwImageSize
uint32_t u32FWVersion
uint32_t u32IOCLogInfo
uint32_t u32MessageContext
uint32_t u32Reserved
uint8_t u8BlockSize
uint8_t u8EventState
uint8_t u8Flags
uint8_t u8Function
uint8_t u8IOCNumber
uint8_t u8MaxBuses
uint8_t u8MaxChainDepth
uint8_t u8MaxDevices
uint8_t u8MessageFlags
uint8_t u8MessageLength
uint8_t u8NumberOfPorts
uint8_t u8WhoInit

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