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GLvertexformat Struct Reference

#include <dd.h>

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Detailed Description

Transform/Clip/Lighting interface

Drivers present a reduced set of the functions possible in glBegin()/glEnd() objects. Core mesa provides translation stubs for the remaining functions to map down to these entry points.

These are the initial values to be installed into dispatch by mesa. If the T&L driver wants to modify the dispatch table while installed, it must do so itself. It would be possible for the vertexformat to install it's own initial values for these functions, but this way there is an obvious list of what is expected of the driver.

If the driver wants to hook in entry points other than those listed, it must restore them to their original values in the disable() callback, below.

Definition at line 1022 of file dd.h.


GLuint GLuint GLsizei count
GLsizei count
GLint GLsizei count
GLuint GLuint end
GLuint GLuint GLsizei GLenum
const GLvoid * 
GLsizei GLenum const GLvoid * indices
GLuint start
GLint start
GLuint GLuint GLsizei GLenum type
GLsizei GLenum type
 void (GLAPIENTRYP DrawRangeElements)(GLenum mode
 void (GLAPIENTRYP DrawElements)(GLenum mode
 void (GLAPIENTRYP DrawArrays)(GLenum mode


const GLfloat GLfloat
const GLfloat * GLfloat
GLenum const GLfloat * GLfloat
GLenum pname
const GLfloat * v
GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat w
GLfloat x
GLfloat GLfloat y
GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat z
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib4fvNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib4fNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib3fvNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib3fNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib2fvNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib2fNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib1fvNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP VertexAttrib1fNV)(GLuint index
 void (GLAPIENTRYP End)(void)
const GLvoid * void (GLAPIENTRYP Begin)(GLenum)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP CallLists)(GLsizei
 void (GLAPIENTRYP CallList)(GLuint)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Vertex4fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Vertex4f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Vertex3fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Vertex3f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Vertex2fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Vertex2f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord4fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord4f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord3fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord3f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord2fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord2f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord1fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP TexCoord1f)(GLfloat)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP SecondaryColor3fvEXT)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP SecondaryColor3fEXT)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Normal3fv)(const GLfloat *)
const GLfloat * void (GLAPIENTRYP Normal3f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord4fvARB)(GLenum
const GLfloat * void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord4fARB)(GLenum
 void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord3fvARB)(GLenum
const GLfloat * void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord3fARB)(GLenum
 void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord2fvARB)(GLenum
const GLfloat * void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord2fARB)(GLenum
 void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord1fvARB)(GLenum
GLenum const GLfloat * void (GLAPIENTRYP MultiTexCoord1fARB)(GLenum
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Materialfv)(GLenum face
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Indexfv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Indexf)(GLfloat)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP FogCoordfvEXT)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP FogCoordfEXT)(GLfloat)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalPoint2)(GLint
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalPoint1)(GLint)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalCoord2fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalCoord2f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalCoord1fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalCoord1f)(GLfloat)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EdgeFlag)(GLboolean)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Color4fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Color4f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Color3fv)(const GLfloat *)
 void (GLAPIENTRYP Color3f)(GLfloat
 void (GLAPIENTRYP ArrayElement)(GLint)


If you don't support eval, fallback to the default vertex format on receiving an eval call and use the pipeline mechanism to provide partial T&L acceleration.

Mesa will provide a set of helper functions to do eval within accelerated vertex formats, eventually...

GLint i1
GLint GLint i2
GLint GLint GLint j1
GLint GLint GLint GLint j2
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalMesh2)(GLenum mode
 void (GLAPIENTRYP EvalMesh1)(GLenum mode

Public Member Functions

 void (GLAPIENTRYP Rectf)(GLfloat

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