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Detailed Description

DMI processor information

Definition at line 228 of file DevPcBios.cpp.

Public Attributes

DMIHDR header
uint16_t u16CurrentSpeed
uint16_t u16ExternalClock
uint16_t u16L1CacheHandle
uint16_t u16L2CacheHandle
uint16_t u16L3CacheHandle
uint16_t u16MaxSpeed
uint16_t u16ProcessorCharacteristics
uint16_t u16ProcessorFamily2
uint64_t u64ProcessorIdentification
uint8_t u8AssetTag
uint8_t u8CoreCount
uint8_t u8CoreEnabled
uint8_t u8PartNumber
uint8_t u8ProcessorFamily
uint8_t u8ProcessorManufacturer
uint8_t u8ProcessorType
uint8_t u8ProcessorUpgrade
uint8_t u8ProcessorVersion
uint8_t u8SerialNumber
uint8_t u8SocketDesignation
uint8_t u8Status
uint8_t u8ThreadCount
uint8_t u8Voltage

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