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AutoSCSIRam Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Auto SCSI structure which is located in host adapter RAM and contains several configuration parameters.

Definition at line 166 of file DevBusLogic.cpp.

Public Attributes

uint8_t aHostAdaptertype [6]
uint8_t aInternalSignature [2]
uint8_t aManufacturingDiagnostic [2]
uint8_t aReserved12 [10]
uint8_t cbInformation
bool fActiveNegotiationEnabled: 1
bool fBIOSInterruptMode: 1
bool fBIOSRedirectionOfInt19: 1
bool fBIOSSupportsMoreThan2Drives: 1
bool fBusResetEnabled: 1
bool fCDROMBoot: 1
bool fDMAAutoConfiguration: 1
bool fExtendedTranslation: 1
bool fFastSynchronousNeogtiation: 1
bool fFloppyEnabled: 1
bool fFloppySecondary: 1
bool fFlopticalSupport: 1
bool fForceBusDeviceScanningOrder: 1
bool fHighByteTerminated: 1
bool fHostAdapterBIOSEnabled: 1
bool fInt13Extension: 1
bool fIrqAutoConfiguration: 1
bool fLevelSensitiveInterrupt: 1
bool fLowByteTerminated: 1
bool fMapRemovableAsFixed: 1
bool fNoisyCablingEnvironment: 1
bool fParityCheckingEnabled: 1
bool fReserved3: 1
bool fReserved4: 1
bool fReserved7: 1
bool fReserved9: 1
bool fSCAMDominant: 1
bool fSCAMenabled: 1
bool fSCAMLevel2: 1
bool fStrictRoundRobinMode: 1
bool fVesaBurstRead: 1
bool fVesaBurstWrite: 1
bool fVesaBusSpeedGreaterThan33MHz: 1
uint16_t u16Checksum
uint16_t u16DeviceEnabledMask
uint16_t u16DisconnectPermittedMask
uint16_t u16FastPermittedMask
uint16_t u16IgnoreInBIOSScanMask
uint16_t u16NonTaggedToAlternateLunPermittedMask
uint16_t u16RenegotiateSyncAfterCheckConditionMask
uint16_t u16SendStartUnitCommandMask
uint16_t u16SynchronousPermittedMask
uint16_t u16UltraPermittedMask
uint16_t u16WidePermittedMask
uint8_t uAutoSCSIMaximumLUN
unsigned char uBootChannel: 4
unsigned char uBootTargetId: 4
uint8_t uBusOffDelay
uint8_t uBusOnDelay
unsigned char uDMAChannel: 7
uint8_t uDMATransferRate
unsigned char uHostAdapterIoPortAddress: 2
unsigned char uIrqChannel: 7
unsigned char uPCIInterruptPin: 2
uint8_t uReserved1
unsigned char uReserved10: 5
unsigned char uReserved11: 7
unsigned char uReserved2: 2
uint32_t uReserved5
uint8_t uReserved6
unsigned char uReserved8: 4
uint8_t uSCSIId
unsigned char uSystemRAMAreForBIOS: 3

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