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nsCheapInt32Set Class Reference

#include <nsCheapSets.h>

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Detailed Description

An integer set that takes up only 4 bytes when there are 0 or 1 integers in the set. Use for cases where sizes of 0 and 1 are even slightly common.

Definition at line 122 of file nsCheapSets.h.

Public Member Functions

PRBool Contains (PRInt32 aVal)
nsresult Put (PRInt32 aVal)
void Remove (PRInt32 aVal)

Private Types

typedef PRUint64 PtrBits

Private Member Functions

nsInt32HashSet * GetHash ()
PRInt32 GetInt ()
nsresult InitHash (nsInt32HashSet **aSet)
PRBool IsInt ()
void SetInt (PRInt32 aInt)

Private Attributes

void * mValOrHash

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