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nsCharPtrHashKey Class Reference

#include <nsHashKeys.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsCharPtrHashKey:

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Detailed Description

hashkey wrapper for const char*; at construction, this class duplicates a string pointed to by the pointer so that it doesn't matter whether or not the string lives longer than the hash table.

Definition at line 289 of file nsHashKeys.h.

Public Types

typedef const char * KeyType
typedef const char * KeyTypePointer

Public Member Functions

const char * GetKey () const
const char * GetKeyPointer () const
PRBool KeyEquals (KeyTypePointer aKey) const
 nsCharPtrHashKey (const nsCharPtrHashKey &toCopy)
 nsCharPtrHashKey (const char *aKey)

Static Public Member Functions

static PLDHashNumber HashKey (KeyTypePointer aKey)
static KeyTypePointer KeyToPointer (KeyType aKey)

Public Attributes

PLDHashNumber keyHash

Private Attributes

const char * mKey

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