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com::Utf8StrFmt Class Reference

#include <string.h>

Inheritance diagram for com::Utf8StrFmt:

com::Utf8Str com::Utf8StrFmtVA

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Detailed Description

This class is a printf-like formatter for Utf8Str strings. Its purpose is to construct Utf8Str objects from a format string and a list of arguments for the format string.

The usage of this class is like the following: Utf8StrFmt string ("program name = %s", argv[0]);

Definition at line 783 of file string.h.

Public Types

enum  CaseSensitivity { CaseSensitive, CaseInsensitive }
typedef const char * ConstString
typedef char * String

Public Member Functions

Utf8Stralloc (size_t aSize)
void append (const Utf8Str &that)
char ** asOutParam ()
const char * c_str () const
const Utf8StrcloneTo (BSTR *pstr) const
const Utf8StrcloneTo (char **pstr) const
int compare (const Utf8Str &that, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive) const
int compare (const char *pcsz, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive) const
bool contains (const Utf8Str &that, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive) const
Utf8StrdetachTo (char **pstr)
bool endsWith (const Utf8Str &that, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive) const
size_t find (const char *pcszFind, size_t pos=0) const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isNull () const
size_t length () const
char * mutableRaw ()
 operator bool () const
 operator const char * () const
bool operator!= (const char *that) const
bool operator!= (const Utf8Str &that) const
bool operator< (const char *that) const
bool operator< (const Utf8Str &that) const
bool operator== (const char *that) const
bool operator== (const Utf8Str &that) const
const char * raw () const
Utf8StrsetNull ()
Utf8StrsetNullIfEmpty ()
bool startsWith (const Utf8Str &that, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive) const
Utf8Str substr (size_t pos=0, size_t n=npos) const
int toInt (uint32_t &i) const
int toInt (uint64_t &i) const
int toInt32 () const
int64_t toInt64 () const
Utf8StrtoLower ()
int toUInt32 () const
uint64_t toUInt64 () const
Utf8StrtoUpper ()
 Utf8StrFmt (const char *format,...)

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t npos = (size_t)-1
static const Utf8Str Null

Protected Member Functions

void init (const char *format, va_list args)
void safe_assign (const char *s)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void raw_copy (char *&ls, CBSTR rs)
static void raw_copy (char *&ls, const char *rs)

Protected Attributes

char * str

Static Private Member Functions

static DECLCALLBACK (size_t) strOutput(void *pvArg

Private Attributes

static const char size_t cbChars
static const char * pachChars


class Bstr

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