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com::ProgressErrorInfo Class Reference

#include <ErrorInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

A convenience subclass of ErrorInfo that, given an IProgress interface pointer, reads its errorInfo attribute and uses the returned IVirtualBoxErrorInfo instance to construct itself.

Definition at line 304 of file ErrorInfo.h.

Public Member Functions

const GuidgetCalleeIID () const
const BstrgetCalleeName () const
const BstrgetComponent () const
const GuidgetInterfaceID () const
const BstrgetInterfaceName () const
const ErrorInfogetNext () const
HRESULT getResultCode () const
const BstrgetText () const
bool isBasicAvailable () const
bool isFullAvailable () const
bool isNull () const
 ProgressErrorInfo (IProgress *progress)
void setNull ()

Protected Member Functions

void init (IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aInfo)
void init (IUnknown *aUnk, const GUID &aIID, bool aKeepObj=false)
void init (bool aKeepObj=false)

Protected Attributes

Guid mCalleeIID
Bstr mCalleeName
Bstr mComponent
ComPtr< IUnknown > mErrorInfo
Guid mInterfaceID
Bstr mInterfaceName
bool mIsBasicAvailable: 1
bool mIsFullAvailable: 1
cppx::auto_copy_ptr< ErrorInfomNext
HRESULT mResultCode
Bstr mText

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