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com::FWResult Class Reference

#include <defs.h>

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com::MultiResult VirtualBoxSupportErrorInfoImplBase::MultiResult

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Detailed Description

"First worst" result type.

Variables of this class are used instead of HRESULT variables when it is desirable to memorize the "first worst" result code instead of the last assigned one. In other words, an assignment operation to a variable of this class will succeed only if the result code to assign has worse severity. The following table demonstrate this (the first column lists the previous result code stored in the variable, the first row lists the new result code being assigned, 'A' means the assignment will take place, '> S_OK' means a warning result code):

{{{ FAILED > S_OK S_OK FAILED - - - > S_OK A - - S_OK A A -


In practice, you will need to use a FWResult variable when you call some COM method B after another COM method A fails and want to return the result code of A even if B also fails, but want to return the failed result code of B if A issues a warning or succeeds.

Definition at line 490 of file defs.h.

Public Member Functions

HRESULT * operator & ()
 operator HRESULT () const
FWResultoperator= (HRESULT aRC)

Private Attributes


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