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template<class C, class I>
static HRESULT VirtualBoxSupportErrorInfoImpl< C, I >::setWarning ( HRESULT  aResultCode,
const GUID &  aIID,
const char *  aText,
) [inline, static, protected]

This method is the same as setError() except that it makes sure aResultCode doesn't have the error severity bit (31) set when passed down to the created IVirtualBoxErrorInfo object.

The error severity bit is always cleared by this call, thereof you can use ordinary E_XXX result code constants, for convenience. However, this behavior may be non-standard on some COM platforms.

Definition at line 1876 of file VirtualBoxBase.h.

        va_list args;
        va_start (args, aText);
        HRESULT rc = VirtualBoxSupportErrorInfoImplBase::setWarning
            (aResultCode, aIID, C::getComponentName(), aText, args);
        va_end (args);
        return rc;

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