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typedef AutoCallerBase<false> VirtualBoxBaseProto::AutoCaller [inherited]

Smart class that automatically increases the number of normal (non-limited) callers of the given VirtualBoxBase object when an instance is constructed and decreases it back when the created instance goes out of scope (i.e. gets destroyed).

A typical usage pattern to declare a normal method of some object (i.e. a method that is valid only when the object provides its full functionality) is: STDMETHODIMP Component::Foo() { AutoCaller autoCaller (this); CheckComRCReturnRC (autoCaller.rc()); ...

Using this class is equivalent to using the AutoCallerBase template with the aLimited argument set to |false|, but this class is preferred because provides better self-descriptiveness.

See AutoCallerBase for more information about auto caller functionality.

Definition at line 815 of file VirtualBoxBase.h.

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