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VBoxSelectorWnd Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The VBoxSelectorWnd class is a VM selector window, one of two main VBox GUI windows.

This window appears when the user starts the VirtualBox executable. It allows to view the list of configured VMs, their settings and the current state, create, reconfigure, delete and start VMs.

Definition at line 53 of file VBoxSelectorWnd.h.

Public Slots

void fileExit ()
void fileExportAppliance ()
void fileImportAppliance ()
void fileMediaMgr ()
void fileSettings ()
void refreshVMItem (const QString &aID, bool aDetails, bool aSnapshots, bool aDescription)
void refreshVMList ()
void showContextMenu (const QPoint &aPoint)
const QAction * vmConfigAction () const
void vmDelete (const QString &=QString::null)
const QAction * vmDeleteAction () const
void vmDiscard (const QString &=QString::null)
const QAction * vmDiscardAction () const
void vmNew ()
const QAction * vmNewAction () const
void vmPause (bool, const QString &=QString::null)
const QAction * vmPauseAction () const
void vmRefresh (const QString &=QString::null)
const QAction * vmRefreshAction () const
void vmSettings (const QString &aCategory=QString::null, const QString &aControl=QString::null, const QString &=QString::null)
void vmShowLogs (const QString &=QString::null)
const QAction * vmShowLogsAction () const
void vmStart (const QString &=QString::null)
const QAction * vmStartAction () const


void closing ()

Public Member Functions

 VBoxSelectorWnd (VBoxSelectorWnd **aSelf, QWidget *aParent=0, Qt::WindowFlags aFlags=Qt::Window)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void changeEvent (QEvent *aEvent)
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *aEvent)
bool event (QEvent *aEvent)
void retranslateUi ()

Private Slots

void machineDataChanged (const VBoxMachineDataChangeEvent &e)
void machineRegistered (const VBoxMachineRegisteredEvent &e)
void machineStateChanged (const VBoxMachineStateChangeEvent &e)
void mediumEnumFinished (const VBoxMediaList &)
void mediumEnumStarted ()
void sessionStateChanged (const VBoxSessionStateChangeEvent &e)
void snapshotChanged (const VBoxSnapshotEvent &e)
void vmListViewCurrentChanged (bool aRefreshDetails=true, bool aRefreshSnapshots=true, bool aRefreshDescription=true)

Private Attributes

bool mDoneInaccessibleWarningOnce: 1
QAction * mFileApplianceExportAction
QAction * mFileApplianceImportAction
QAction * mFileExitAction
QAction * mFileMediaMgrAction
QMenu * mFileMenu
QAction * mFileSettingsAction
VBoxHelpActions mHelpActions
QMenu * mHelpMenu
QRect mNormalGeo
QAction * mVmConfigAction
QMenu * mVMCtxtMenu
QAction * mVmDeleteAction
QAction * mVmDiscardAction
VBoxVMListView * mVMListView
QMenu * mVMMenu
VBoxVMModel * mVMModel
QAction * mVmNewAction
QAction * mVmPauseAction
QAction * mVmRefreshAction
QAction * mVmShowLogsAction
VBoxSnapshotsWgt * mVmSnapshotsWgt
QAction * mVmStartAction
QTabWidget * mVmTabWidget

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