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VBoxNetDhcpWriteCursor Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Helper class for stuffing DHCP options into a reply packet.

Definition at line 1274 of file VBoxNetDHCP.cpp.

Public Member Functions

bool begin (uint8_t uOption, size_t cb)
bool hasOverflowed (void) const
bool optEnd (void)
bool optIPv4Addr (uint8_t uOption, RTNETADDRIPV4 IPv4Addr)
bool optIPv4Addrs (uint8_t uOption, std::vector< RTNETADDRIPV4 > const &rIPv4Addrs)
bool optStr (uint8_t uOption, std::string const &rStr)
bool optU32 (uint8_t uOption, uint32_t u32)
bool optU8 (uint8_t uOption, uint8_t u8)
bool overloadMore (void)
void put (void const *pvData, size_t cb)
void putIPv4Addr (RTNETADDRIPV4 IPv4Addr)
void putStr (std::string const &rStr)
void putU32 (uint32_t u32)
void putU8 (uint8_t u8)
bool useBpFile (void)
 VBoxNetDhcpWriteCursor (PRTNETBOOTP pDhcp, size_t cbDhcp)
 ~VBoxNetDhcpWriteCursor ()

Private Attributes

bool m_fOverflowed
uint8_t m_fUsed
uint8_t * m_pbCur
uint8_t * m_pbEnd
uint8_t * m_pfOverload

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