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VBoxNetDhcpCfg Class Reference

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Detailed Description

DHCP configuration item.

This is all public data because I'm too lazy to do it propertly right now.

Definition at line 67 of file VBoxNetDHCP.cpp.

Public Member Functions

bool isOneSpecificClient (void) const
bool matchesMacAddress (PCRTMAC pMac) const
int validate (void)

Public Attributes

std::string m_BootfileName
uint32_t m_cSecLease
std::vector< RTNETADDRIPV4m_DNSes
std::string m_DomainName
std::string m_HostName
std::vector< RTMACm_MacAddresses
std::vector< RTNETADDRIPV4m_Routers
std::string m_TftpServer
RTNETADDRIPV4 m_TftpServerAddr

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