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VBoxMedium Class Reference

#include <VBoxMedium.h>

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Detailed Description

Media descriptor for the GUI.

Maintains the results of the last state (accessibility) check and precomposes string parameters such as location, size which can be used in various GUI controls.

Many getter methods take the boolean aNoDiffs argument. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this argument, when set to true, will cause the corresponding property of this object's root medium to be returned instead of its own one. This is useful when hard disk media is represented in the user-friendly "don't show diffs" mode. For non-hard disk media, the value of this argument is irrelevant because the root object for such medium is the medium itself.

Note that this class "abuses" the KMediaState_NotCreated state value to indicate that the accessibility check of the given medium (see blockAndQueryState()) has not been done yet and therefore some parameters such as size() are meaningless because they can be read only from the accessible medium. The real KMediaState_NotCreated state is not necessary because this class is only used with created (existing) media.

Definition at line 54 of file VBoxMedium.h.

Public Member Functions

void blockAndQueryState ()
const QList< QString > & curStateMachineIds () const
QString details (bool aNoDiffs=false, bool aPredictDiff=false, bool aUseHTML=false) const
QString detailsHTML (bool aNoDiffs=false, bool aPredictDiff=false) const
const CDVDImage & dvdImage () const
const CFloppyImage & floppyImage () const
const CHardDisk & hardDisk () const
QString hardDiskFormat (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
QString hardDiskType (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
QPixmap icon (bool aNoDiffs=false, bool aCheckRO=false) const
QPixmap iconCheckRO (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
QString id () const
bool isAttachedInCurStateTo (const QString &aMachineId) const
bool isNull () const
bool isReadOnly () const
bool isUsed () const
bool isUsedInSnapshots () const
QString lastAccessError () const
QString location (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
QString logicalSize (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
const CMedium & medium () const
QString name (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
VBoxMediumparent () const
void refresh ()
const COMResultresult (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
VBoxMediumroot () const
QString size (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
KMediaState state (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
QString toolTip (bool aNoDiffs=false, bool aCheckRO=false) const
QString toolTipCheckRO (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
VBoxDefs::MediaType type () const
QString usage (bool aNoDiffs=false) const
 VBoxMedium (const CMedium &aMedium, VBoxDefs::MediaType aType, KMediaState aState)
 VBoxMedium (const CMedium &aMedium, VBoxDefs::MediaType aType, VBoxMedium *aParent=NULL)
 VBoxMedium ()

Private Member Functions

void checkNoDiffs (bool aNoDiffs)
void init ()

Private Attributes

QList< QString > mCurStateMachineIds
CDVDImage mDVDImage
CFloppyImage mFloppyImage
CHardDisk mHardDisk
QString mHardDiskFormat
QString mHardDiskType
QString mId
bool mIsReadOnly: 1
bool mIsUsedInSnapshots: 1
QString mLastAccessError
QString mLocation
QString mLogicalSize
CMedium mMedium
QString mName
struct VBoxMedium::NoDiffs mNoDiffs
COMResult mResult
QString mSize
KMediaState mState
QString mToolTip
VBoxDefs::MediaType mType
QString mUsage


struct  NoDiffs

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