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VBoxGlobalSettings Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for VBoxGlobalSettings:

CIShared< VBoxGlobalSettingsData >

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Detailed Description

The VBoxGlobalSettings class is a wrapper class for VBoxGlobalSettingsData to implement implicit sharing of VirtualBox global data.

Definition at line 57 of file VBoxGlobalSettings.h.


void propertyChanged (const char *publicName, const char *name)

Public Member Functions

bool autoCapture () const
CIShared copy () const
const VBoxGlobalSettingsDatadata () const
bool detach ()
bool detachOriginal ()
bool dockPreviewEnabled () const
QString guiFeatures () const
int hostKey () const
bool isFeatureActive (const char *) const
bool isNull () const
bool isOriginal () const
QString languageId () const
QString lastError () const
void load (CVirtualBox &vbox)
QString maxGuestRes () const
VBoxGlobalSettingsDatamData ()
bool operator! () const
const VBoxGlobalSettingsDataoperator-> () const
VBoxGlobalSettingsoperator= (const VBoxGlobalSettings &that)
bool operator== (const CIShared &that) const
QString publicProperty (const QString &publicName) const
void save (CVirtualBox &vbox) const
void setAutoCapture (bool autoCapture)
void setDockPreviewEnabled (bool enabled)
void setGuiFeatures (const QString &aFeatures)
void setHostKey (int key)
void setLanguageId (const QString &aLanguageId)
void setMaxGuestRes (const QString &aMaxGuestRes)
bool setPublicProperty (const QString &publicName, const QString &value)
void setTrayIconEnabled (bool enabled)
bool trayIconEnabled () const
 VBoxGlobalSettings (const VBoxGlobalSettings &that)
 VBoxGlobalSettings (bool null=true)


bool autoCapture
bool dockPreviewEnabled
QString guiFeatures
int hostKey
QString languageId
QString maxGuestRes
bool trayIconEnabled

Private Member Functions

void resetError ()
void setPropertyPrivate (size_t index, const QString &value)

Private Attributes

QString last_err

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