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VBoxDownloaderWgt Class Reference

#include <VBoxDownloaderWgt.h>

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Detailed Description

The VBoxDownloaderWgt class is QWidget class re-implementation which embeds into the Dialog's status-bar and allows background http downloading. This class is not supposed to be used itself and made for sub-classing only.

This class has two parts: 1. Acknowledging (getting information about target presence and size). 2. Downloading (starting and handling file downloading process). Every subclass can determine using or not those two parts and handling the result of those parts itself.

Definition at line 48 of file VBoxDownloaderWgt.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void start ()
 VBoxDownloaderWgt (const QString &aSource, const QString &aTarget)

Protected Slots

virtual void abortDownload (const QString &aError)
virtual void acknowledgeFinished (bool aError)
virtual void acknowledgeProcess (const QHttpResponseHeader &aResponse)
virtual void acknowledgeStart ()
virtual void cancelDownloading ()
virtual void downloadFinished (bool aError)
virtual void downloadProcess (int aDone, int aTotal)
virtual void downloadStart ()
virtual void suicide ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void changeEvent (QEvent *aEvent)
virtual bool confirmDownload ()=0
virtual void retranslateUi ()=0
virtual void warnAboutError (const QString &aError)=0

Protected Attributes

QToolButton * mCancelButton
QIHttp * mHttp
QProgressBar * mProgressBar
QUrl mSource
QString mTarget

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