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VBoxConsoleWnd Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The VBoxConsoleWnd class is a VM console window, one of two main VBox GUI windows.

This window appears when the user starts the virtual machine. It contains the VBoxConsoleView widget that acts as a console of the running virtual machine.

Definition at line 79 of file VBoxConsoleWnd.h.

Public Slots

void changeDockIconUpdate (const VBoxChangeDockIconUpdateEvent &e)


void closing ()

Public Member Functions

void clearMask ()
void installGuestAdditionsFrom (const QString &aSource)
bool isTrueFullscreen () const
bool isTrueSeamless () const
bool isWindowFullScreen () const
bool isWindowMaximized () const
KMachineState machineState () const
bool openView (const CSession &session)
void popupMainMenu (bool aCenter)
void refreshView ()
void setMask (const QRegion &aRegion)
void setMouseIntegrationLocked (bool aDisabled)
 VBoxConsoleWnd (VBoxConsoleWnd **aSelf, QWidget *aParent=0, Qt::WindowFlags aFlags=Qt::Window)

Protected Slots

void closeView ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void changeEvent (QEvent *aEvent)
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
bool event (QEvent *e)
void retranslateUi ()

Private Types

enum  {
  FloppyStuff = 0x01, DVDStuff = 0x02, HardDiskStuff = 0x04, PauseAction = 0x08,
  NetworkStuff = 0x10, DisableMouseIntegrAction = 0x20, Caption = 0x40, USBStuff = 0x80,
  VRDPStuff = 0x100, SharedFolderStuff = 0x200, VirtualizationStuff = 0x400, AllStuff = 0xFFFF

Private Slots

void activateNetworkMenu (QAction *aAction)
void activateUICustomizations ()
void captureDVD (QAction *aAction)
void captureFloppy (QAction *aAction)
void clearStatusBar ()
void dbgLoggingToggled (bool aBool)
void dbgPrepareDebugMenu ()
void dbgShowCommandLine ()
void dbgShowStatistics ()
void devicesInstallGuestAdditions ()
void devicesMountDVDImage ()
void devicesMountFloppyImage ()
void devicesOpenSFDialog ()
void devicesSwitchVrdp (bool)
void devicesUnmountDVD ()
void devicesUnmountFloppy ()
void finalizeOpenView ()
void mtCloseVM ()
void mtExitMode ()
void mtMaskUpdate ()
void onExitFullscreen ()
void prepareDVDMenu ()
void prepareFloppyMenu ()
void prepareNetworkMenu ()
void processGlobalSettingChange (const char *publicName, const char *name)
void setDynamicMenuItemStatusTip (QAction *aAction)
void setViewInSeamlessMode (const QRect &aTargetRect)
void showIndicatorContextMenu (QIStateIndicator *ind, QContextMenuEvent *e)
void statusTipChanged (const QString &)
void switchToFullscreen (bool aOn, bool aSeamless)
void switchUSB (QAction *aAction)
void tryClose ()
void unlockActionsSwitch ()
void updateAdditionsState (const QString &, bool, bool, bool)
void updateDeviceLights ()
void updateMachineState (KMachineState state)
void updateMediaDriveState (VBoxDefs::MediaType aType)
void updateMouseState (int state)
void updateNetworkAdarptersState ()
void updateSharedFoldersState ()
void updateUsbState ()
void vmACPIShutdown ()
void vmAdjustWindow ()
void vmAutoresizeGuest (bool on)
void vmClose ()
void vmDisableMouseIntegr (bool)
void vmFullscreen (bool on)
void vmPause (bool)
void vmReset ()
void vmSeamless (bool on)
void vmShowInfoDialog ()
void vmTakeSnapshot ()
void vmTypeCABS ()
void vmTypeCAD ()

Private Member Functions

void checkRequiredFeatures ()
bool toggleFullscreenMode (bool, bool)
void updateAppearanceOf (int element)

Private Attributes

QIStateIndicator * autoresize_state
QString caption_prefix
QIStateIndicator * cd_light
int console_style
CSession csession
QIStateIndicator * fd_light
QIStateIndicator * hd_light
QMap< QAction *, CHostDVDDrive > hostDVDMap
QMap< QAction *, CHostFloppyDrive > hostFloppyMap
QWidget * hostkey_hbox
QLabel * hostkey_name
QIStateIndicator * hostkey_state
QTimer * idle_timer
KMachineState machine_state
QAction * mDevicesInstallGuestToolsAction
QMenu * mDevicesMenu
QAction * mDevicesMountDVDImageAction
QMenu * mDevicesMountDVDMenu
QAction * mDevicesMountFloppyImageAction
QMenu * mDevicesMountFloppyMenu
QMenu * mDevicesNetworkMenu
QAction * mDevicesSFDialogAction
QAction * mDevicesSFMenuSeparator
QAction * mDevicesSwitchVrdpAction
QAction * mDevicesUnmountDVDAction
QAction * mDevicesUnmountFloppyAction
QAction * mDevicesUSBMenuSeparator
QAction * mDevicesVRDPMenuSeparator
QPalette mErasePalette
VBoxHelpActions mHelpActions
QMenu * mHelpMenu
QList< QPointer< QWidget > > mHiddenChildren
bool mIsAutoSaveMedia: 1
bool mIsFirstTimeStarted: 1
bool mIsFullscreen: 1
bool mIsGraphicsSupported: 1
bool mIsOpenViewFinished: 1
bool mIsSeamless: 1
bool mIsSeamlessSupported: 1
bool mIsWaitingModeResize: 1
QIMenu * mMainMenu
QSize mMaskShift
QMenu * mMiniVMMenu
QRect mNormalGeo
QIStateIndicator * mouse_state
QActionGroup * mRunningActions
QActionGroup * mRunningOrPausedActions
QSpacerItem * mShiftingSpacerBottom
QSpacerItem * mShiftingSpacerLeft
QSpacerItem * mShiftingSpacerRight
QSpacerItem * mShiftingSpacerTop
bool mStatusBarChangedInside: 1
QRegion mStrictedRegion
QIStateIndicator * mVirtLed
QAction * mVmACPIShutdownAction
QAction * mVmAdjustWindowAction
QAction * mVmAutoresizeGuestAction
QAction * mVmCloseAction
QAction * mVmDisableMouseIntegrAction
QAction * mVmFullscreenAction
QMenu * mVMMenu
QAction * mVmPauseAction
QAction * mVmResetAction
QAction * mVmSeamlessAction
QAction * mVmShowInformationDlgAction
QAction * mVmTakeSnapshotAction
QAction * mVmTypeCADAction
bool mWaitForStatusBarChange: 1
QIStateIndicator * net_light
bool no_auto_close: 1
QSize prev_min_size
QIStateIndicator * sf_light
QIStateIndicator * usb_light
QIStateIndicator * vrdp_state
bool was_max: 1

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