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QIULongValidator Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The QIULongValidator class is a QIntValidator-like class to validate unsigned integer numbers. As opposed to QIntValidator, this class accepts all three integer number formats: decimal, hexadecimal (the string starts with "0x") and octal (the string starts with "0").

Definition at line 94 of file QIWidgetValidator.h.

Public Member Functions

ulong bottom () const
 QIULongValidator (ulong aMinimum, ulong aMaximum, QObject *aParent)
 QIULongValidator (QObject *aParent)
void setBottom (ulong aBottom)
void setRange (ulong aBottom, ulong aTop)
void setTop (ulong aTop)
ulong top () const
State validate (QString &aInput, int &aPos) const

Private Attributes

ulong mBottom
ulong mTop

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