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HRESULT ImageMediumBase::saveSettings ( settings::Key aImagesNode  ) 

Saves image data by appending a new <Image> child node to the given <Images> parent node.

aImagesNode <Images> node.
Locks this object for reading.

Definition at line 1079 of file MediumImpl.cpp.

References settings::Key::appendKey(), AssertReturn, CheckComRCReturnRC, settings::Key::createKey(), and settings::Key::isNull().

    using namespace settings;

    AssertReturn (!aImagesNode.isNull(), E_FAIL);

    AutoCaller autoCaller (this);
    CheckComRCReturnRC (autoCaller.rc());

    AutoReadLock alock (this);

    Key imageNode = aImagesNode.appendKey ("Image");
    /* required */
    imageNode.setValue <Guid> ("uuid", m.id);
    /* required */
    imageNode.setValue <Bstr> ("location", m.locationFull);
    /* optional */
    if (!m.description.isNull())
        Key descNode = aImagesNode.createKey ("Description");
        descNode.setKeyValue <Bstr> (m.description);

    return S_OK;

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