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HDSettings Class Reference

#include <VBoxVMSettingsHD.h>

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Detailed Description

Singleton QObject class reimplementation. Used to make selected HD Attachments slots unique & stores some specific data used for HD Settings.

Definition at line 264 of file VBoxVMSettingsHD.h.

Public Member Functions

int addCount () const
QList< DiskValuedisksList () const
const CMachine & machine () const
void setAddCount (int aAddCount, KStorageBus aAddBus)
void setMachine (const CMachine &aMachine)
void setShowDiffs (bool aShowDiffs)
bool showDiffs () const
QList< SlotValueslotsList (const SlotValue &aIncluding=SlotValue(), bool aFilter=false) const
bool tryToChooseUniqueDisk (DiskValue &aResult) const

Static Public Member Functions

static HDSettingsinstance (QWidget *aParent=0, AttachmentsModel *aWatched=0)

Protected Member Functions

 HDSettings (QWidget *aParent, AttachmentsModel *aWatched)

Private Slots

void update ()

Private Member Functions

void makeAddControllerList ()
void makeIDEList ()
void makeMediumList ()

Private Attributes

KStorageBus mAddBus
QList< SlotValuemAddControllerList
int mAddCount
QList< DiskValuemDisksList
QList< SlotValuemIDEList
CMachine mMachine
bool mShowDiffs

Static Private Attributes

static HDSettingsmInstance = 0

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