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Global Class Reference

#include <Global.h>

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Detailed Description

Contains global static definitions that can be referenced by all COM classes regardless of the apartment.

Global module initialization structure. This is to wrap non-reentrant bits of libxml, among other things.

The constructor and destructor of this structure are used to perform global module initiaizaton and cleanup. Thee must be only one global variable of this structure.

Definition at line 46 of file Global.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsActive (MachineState_T aState)
static bool IsOnline (MachineState_T aState)
static bool IsOnlineOrTransient (MachineState_T aState)
static bool IsTransient (MachineState_T aState)
static const char * OSTypeId (VBOXOSTYPE aOSType)

Public Attributes

struct {
   xmlExternalEntityLoader   defaultEntityLoader
   RTLockMtx   lock

Static Public Attributes

static const OSType sOSTypes [SchemaDefs::OSTypeId_COUNT]


struct  OSType

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