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ConsoleCallback Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Callback handler for machine events.

Definition at line 109 of file VBoxHeadless.cpp.

Public Member Functions

STDMETHOD() OnAdditionsStateChange ()
STDMETHOD() OnCanShowWindow (BOOL *canShow)
STDMETHOD() OnDVDDriveChange ()
STDMETHOD() OnExtraDataChange (BSTR key)
STDMETHOD() OnFloppyDriveChange ()
STDMETHOD() OnKeyboardLedsChange (BOOL fNumLock, BOOL fCapsLock, BOOL fScrollLock)
STDMETHOD() OnMouseCapabilityChange (BOOL supportsAbsolute, BOOL needsHostCursor)
STDMETHOD() OnMousePointerShapeChange (BOOL visible, BOOL alpha, ULONG xHot, ULONG yHot, ULONG width, ULONG height, BYTE *shape)
STDMETHOD() OnNetworkAdapterChange (INetworkAdapter *aNetworkAdapter)
STDMETHOD() OnParallelPortChange (IParallelPort *aParallelPort)
STDMETHOD() OnRuntimeError (BOOL fatal, IN_BSTR id, IN_BSTR message)
STDMETHOD() OnSerialPortChange (ISerialPort *aSerialPort)
STDMETHOD() OnSharedFolderChange (Scope_T aScope)
STDMETHOD() OnShowWindow (ULONG64 *winId)
STDMETHOD() OnStateChange (MachineState_T machineState)
STDMETHOD() OnStorageControllerChange ()
STDMETHOD() OnUSBControllerChange ()
STDMETHOD() OnUSBDeviceStateChange (IUSBDevice *aDevice, BOOL aAttached, IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aError)
STDMETHOD() OnVRDPServerChange ()
STDMETHOD() QueryInterface (REFIID riid, void **ppObj)
 STDMETHOD_ (ULONG, Release)()

Private Attributes

long refcnt

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