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COMErrorInfo Class Reference
[Qt-COM Support Layer]

#include <COMDefs.h>

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Detailed Description

Represents extended error information

Definition at line 122 of file COMDefs.h.

Public Member Functions

QUuid calleeIID () const
QString calleeName () const
 COMErrorInfo (const CVirtualBoxErrorInfo &info)
QString component () const
QUuid interfaceID () const
QString interfaceName () const
bool isBasicAvailable () const
bool isFullAvailable () const
bool isNull () const
const COMErrorInfonext () const
HRESULT resultCode () const
QString text () const

Private Member Functions

void fetchFromCurrentThread (IUnknown *callee, const GUID *calleeIID)
void init (const CVirtualBoxErrorInfo &info)

Static Private Member Functions

static QString getInterfaceNameFromIID (const QUuid &id)

Private Attributes

QUuid mCalleeIID
QString mCalleeName
QString mComponent
QUuid mInterfaceID
QString mInterfaceName
bool mIsBasicAvailable: 1
bool mIsFullAvailable: 1
bool mIsNull: 1
cppx::auto_copy_ptr< COMErrorInfomNext
HRESULT mResultCode
QString mText


class COMBaseWithEI

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