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static PKRDRFILEPREP krdrFileFindPrepExact ( PKRDRFILE  pFile,
void *  pv 
) [static]

Finds a prepared mapping region.

Pointer to the aPrep entry.
pFile The instance data.
pv The base of the region.

Definition at line 347 of file kRdrFile.cpp.

References KRDRFILE::aPreps, KRDRFILE::cPreps, NULL, and KRDRFILEPREP::pv.

Referenced by krdrFileProtect(), krdrFileRefresh(), and krdrFileUnmap().

    KI32 i = pFile->cPreps;
    while (i-- > 0)
        if (pFile->aPreps[i].pv == pv)
            return &pFile->aPreps[i];
    return NULL;

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