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static void __attribute ( (noreturn)   )  [static]

Print out a usage message and exit.

name The name of the application

Definition at line 422 of file mount.vboxsf.c.

    printf("Usage: %s [OPTIONS] NAME MOUNTPOINT\n"
           "Mount the VirtualBox shared folder NAME from the host system to MOUNTPOINT.\n"
           "  -w                    mount the shared folder writably (the default)\n"
           "  -r                    mount the shared folder read-only\n"
           "  -n                    do not create an mtab entry\n"
           "  -o OPTION[,OPTION...] use the mount options specified\n"
           "\n", name);
    printf("Available mount options are:\n"
           "     rw                 mount writably (the default)\n"
           "     ro                 mount read only\n"
           "     uid=UID            set the default file owner user id to UID\n"
           "     gid=GID            set the default file owner group id to GID\n"
           "     ttl=TTL            set the \"time to live\" to TID for the dentry\n");
    printf("     dmode=MODE         override the mode of all directories to (octal) MODE\n"
           "     fmode=MODE         override the mode of all regular files to (octal) MODE\n"
           "     umask=UMASK        set the umask to (octal) UMASK\n");
    printf("     dmask=UMASK        set the umask applied to directories only\n"
           "     fmask=UMASK        set the umask applied to regular files only\n"
           "     iocharset CHARSET  use the character set CHARSET for I/O operations\n"
           "                        (default set is utf8)\n"
           "     convertcp CHARSET  convert the folder name from CHARSET to utf8\n"
    printf("Less common used options:\n"
           "     noexec,exec,nodev,dev,nosuid,suid\n");

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