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VBoxGuestLib.h File Reference

Detailed Description

VBoxGuestLib - Support library header for VirtualBox Additions: Public header.

Definition in file VBoxGuestLib.h.

#include <VBox/VBoxGuest.h>
#include <VBox/err.h>

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Generic request functions.

size_t cbReq
uint32_t cbSize
uint32_t VMMDevRequestType reqType
 DECLVBGL (void) VbglTerminate(void)
RT_C_DECLS_BEGIN DECLVBGL (int) VbglInit(void)


#define DECLVBGL(type)   type VBOXCALL


typedef uint32_t VBGLIOPORT


 DECLVBGL (RTCCPHYS) VbglPhysHeapGetPhysAddr(void *p)
 DECLVBGL (void *) VbglPhysHeapAlloc(uint32_t cbSize)

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