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PRUint32 tmVector::Size (  )  [inline]

Meant to be used as the conditional in a loop. |index < size| should reach all elements of the collection and not run out of bounds. If slots 0,1,4,5,6 contain elements Size() will return 7, Count() will return 5.

the number of slots in the array taken, irrespective of holes in the collection.

Definition at line 138 of file tmVector.h.

Referenced by tmQueue::AttachClient(), tmQueue::DetachClient(), tmTransactionService::DispatchStoredMessages(), tmQueue::FlushQueue(), tmTransactionService::GetJoinedQueueName(), tmTransactionManager::GetQueue(), tmTransactionService::GetQueueID(), tmTransactionService::GetQueueMap(), tmQueue::IsAttached(), tmTransactionService::OnAttachReply(), tmQueue::PostTransaction(), tmQueue::~tmQueue(), tmTransactionManager::~tmTransactionManager(), and tmTransactionService::~tmTransactionService().

{ return mNext; }

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