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errorprint2.h File Reference

Detailed Description

MS COM / XPCOM Abstraction Layer: Error printing macros using shared functions defined in shared glue code. Use these CHECK_* macros for efficient error checking around calling COM methods.

Definition in file errorprint2.h.

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namespace  com


#define ASSERT(expr)
#define CHECK_ERROR(iface, method)
#define CHECK_ERROR_BREAK(iface, method)
#define CHECK_ERROR_RET(iface, method, ret)


void com::GlueHandleComError (ComPtr< IUnknown > iface, const char *pcszContext, HRESULT rc, const char *pcszSourceFile, uint32_t ulLine)
void com::GluePrintErrorContext (const char *pcszContext, const char *pcszSourceFile, uint32_t ulLine)
void com::GluePrintErrorInfo (com::ErrorInfo &info)
void com::GluePrintRCMessage (HRESULT rc)

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