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typedef VRDPAuthResult VRDPAUTHCALL VRDPAUTHENTRY(PVRDPAUTHUUID pUuid, VRDPAuthGuestJudgement guestJudgement, const char *szUser, const char *szPassword, const char *szDomain)

Authentication library entry point. Decides whether to allow a client connection.


pUuid Pointer to the UUID of the virtual machine which the client connected to. guestJudgement Result of the guest authentication. szUser User name passed in by the client (UTF8). szPassword Password passed in by the client (UTF8). szDomain Domain passed in by the client (UTF8).

Return code:

VRDPAuthAccessDenied Client access has been denied. VRDPAuthAccessGranted Client has the right to use the virtual machine. VRDPAuthDelegateToGuest Guest operating system must authenticate the client and the library must be called again with the result of the guest authentication.

Definition at line 103 of file VRDPAuth.h.

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