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char* RT_NOCRT() strchr ( const char *  s,
int  c 

strchr - Find the first occurrence of a character in a string : The string to be searched : The character to search for

Definition at line 205 of file kHlpBare-gcc.c.

Referenced by AppendFlag(), DarwinGetEthernetControllers(), dbgfR3Strip(), FirstField(), getDriveInfoFromEnv(), HandleHostKey(), main(), MyDisasYasmFormatter(), RTDECL(), rtMpLinuxGetFrequency(), StripLine(), tstWrite(), UpdateTitlebar(), usbReadSkip(), and usbReadSkipSuffix().

    for (;;)
        const char chCur = *psz;
        if (chCur == ch)
            return (char *)psz;
        if (!chCur)
            return 0;

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