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#define PAGE_OFFSET_MASK   0xfff

i386 Page offset mask.

Do NOT one-complement this for whatever purpose. You may get a 32-bit const when you want a 64-bit one. Use PAGE_BASE_MASK, PAGE_BASE_GC_MASK, PAGE_BASE_HC_MASK, PAGE_ADDRESS() or X86_PTE_PAE_PG_MASK.

Definition at line 67 of file param.h.

Referenced by DECLINLINE(), main(), mmPagePoolPhys2Ptr(), pgmR3InitPaging(), REMR3DECL(), RTDECL(), RTR0DECL(), rtR0MemObjFixPageList(), rtR0MemObjNativeAllocPhys(), supdrvIOCtl(), and VMMR3DECL().

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