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kDbgHlp.h File Reference

Detailed Description

kDbg - The Debug Info Reader, Internal Header.

Definition in file kDbgHlp.h.

#include <k/kDbgBase.h>

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#define kDbgAssert(expr)   do { } while (0)
#define kDbgAssertBreakpoint()   do { __asm__ __volatile__ ("int3"); } while (0)
#define kDbgAssertFailed()   kDbgAssert(0)
#define kDbgAssertFailedReturn(rcRet)   kDbgAssertReturn(0, (rcRet))
#define kDbgAssertMsg(expr, msg)   do { } while (0)
#define kDbgAssertMsgFailed(msg)   kDbgAssertMsg(0, msg)
#define kDbgAssertMsgFailedReturn(msg, rcRet)   kDbgAssertMsgReturn(0, msg, (rcRet))
#define kDbgAssertMsgReturn(expr, msg, rcRet)   do { if (!(expr)) return (rcRet); } while (0)
#define kDbgAssertPtr(ptr)   kDbgAssertMsg(KDBG_VALID_PTR(ptr), ("%s = %p\n", #ptr, (ptr)))
#define kDbgAssertPtrNull(ptr)   kDbgAssertMsg(!(ptr) || KDBG_VALID_PTR(ptr), ("%s = %p\n", #ptr, (ptr)))
#define kDbgAssertPtrNullReturn(ptr, rcRet)   kDbgAssertMsgReturn(!(ptr) || KDBG_VALID_PTR(ptr), ("%s = %p -> %d\n", #ptr, (ptr), (rcRet)), (rcRet))
#define kDbgAssertPtrReturn(ptr, rcRet)   kDbgAssertMsgReturn(KDBG_VALID_PTR(ptr), ("%s = %p -> %d\n", #ptr, (ptr), (rcRet)), (rcRet))
#define kDbgAssertRC(rc)   kDbgAssertMsg((rc) == 0, ("%s = %d\n", #rc, (rc)))
#define kDbgAssertRCReturn(rc, rcRet)   kDbgAssertMsgReturn((rc) == 0, ("%s = %d -> %d\n", #rc, (rc), (rcRet)), (rcRet))
#define kDbgAssertReturn(expr, rcRet)   do { if (!(expr)) return (rcRet); } while (0)


void kDbgAssertMsg1 (const char *pszExpr, const char *pszFile, unsigned iLine, const char *pszFunction)
void kDbgAssertMsg2 (const char *pszFormat,...)
void * kDbgHlpAlloc (size_t cb)
void * kDbgHlpAllocDup (const void *pv, size_t cb)
void * kDbgHlpAllocZ (size_t cb)
void kDbgHlpClose (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)
int64_t kDbgHlpFileSize (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)
void kDbgHlpFree (void *pv)
uintptr_t kDbgHlpNativeFileHandle (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)
int kDbgHlpOpenRO (const char *pszFilename, PKDBGHLPFILE *ppFile)
int kDbgHlpRead (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, void *pv, size_t cb)
int kDbgHlpReadAt (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off, void *pv, size_t cb)
void * kDbgHlpRealloc (void *pv, size_t cb)
int kDbgHlpSeek (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off)
int kDbgHlpSeekByCur (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off)
int kDbgHlpSeekByEnd (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off)
int64_t kDbgHlpTell (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)

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