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RTUUID Union Reference
[IPRT Base Types]

#include <types.h>

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Detailed Description

UUID data type.

IPRT defines that the first three integers in the Gen struct interpretation are in little endian representation. This is different to many other UUID implementation, and requires conversion if you need to achieve consistent results.

Definition at line 1186 of file types.h.

Public Attributes

uint16_t au16 [8]
uint32_t au32 [4]
uint64_t au64 [2]
uint8_t au8 [16]
struct {
   uint8_t   au8Node [6]
   uint16_t   u16TimeHiAndVersion
   uint16_t   u16TimeMid
   uint32_t   u32TimeLow
   uint8_t   u8ClockSeqHiAndReserved
   uint8_t   u8ClockSeqLow

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