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pci_device Struct Reference

#include <pciaccess.h>

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Detailed Description

PCI device.

Contains all of the information about a particular PCI device.

Definition at line 653 of file xf86Pci.h.

Public Attributes

int basesize [7]
unsigned char bus
pointer businfo
int busnum
pciCfgSpc cfgspc
uint32_t class
uint16_t dev_id
unsigned char devfn
uint32_t device_class
int devnum
struct pci_driver * driver
Bool fakeDevice
int funcnum
unsigned int ioaddr
unsigned char irq
int irq
CARD32 listed_class
unsigned int membase
Bool minBasesize
const char * name
struct pci_mem_region regions [6]
uint8_t revision
pciaddr_t rom_size
unsigned int romaddr
unsigned char use_specified
intptr_t user_data
uint16_t vendor
Device bus identification.
Complete bus identification, including domain, of the device. On platforms that do not support PCI domains (e.g., 32-bit x86 hardware), the domain will always be zero.

uint8_t bus
uint8_t dev
uint16_t domain
uint8_t func
Vendor / device ID
The vendor ID, device ID, and sub-IDs for the device.

uint16_t device_id
uint16_t subdevice_id
uint16_t subvendor_id
uint16_t vendor_id

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