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nsFastLoadFileReader::nsFastLoadFooter Struct Reference

Inheritance diagram for nsFastLoadFileReader::nsFastLoadFooter:


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Detailed Description

In-memory representation of the FastLoad file footer.

Definition at line 314 of file nsFastLoadFile.h.

Public Member Functions

const nsIDGetID (NSFastLoadID aFastId) const
nsObjectMapEntryGetSharpObjectEntry (NSFastLoadOID aOID) const

Public Attributes

nsCOMPtr< nsISupportsArray > mDependencies
PLDHashTable mDocumentMap
PRUint32 mNumDependencies
PRUint32 mNumIDs
PRUint32 mNumMuxedDocuments
PRUint32 mNumSharpObjects
PLDHashTable mURIMap

Static Public Attributes

static nsID gDummyID
static nsObjectMapEntry gDummySharpObjectEntry

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