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guestProp::_GetNotification Struct Reference

#include <GuestPropertySvc.h>

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Detailed Description

The guest is polling for notifications on changes to properties, specifying a set of patterns to match the names of changed properties against and optionally the timestamp of the last notification seen. On success, VINF_SUCCESS will be returned and the buffer will contain details of a property notification. If no new notification is available which matches one of the specified patterns, the call will block until one is. If the last notification could not be found by timestamp, VWRN_NOT_FOUND will be returned and the oldest available notification will be returned. If a zero timestamp is specified, the call will always wait for a new notification to arrive. If the buffer supplied was not large enough to hold the notification, VERR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW will be returned and the size parameter will contain the size of the buffer needed.

The protocol for a guest to obtain notifications is to call GET_NOTIFICATION in a loop. On the first call, the ingoing timestamp parameter should be set to zero. On subsequent calls, it should be set to the outgoing timestamp from the previous call.

Definition at line 448 of file GuestPropertySvc.h.

Public Attributes

HGCMFunctionParameter buffer
VBoxGuestHGCMCallInfoTimed hdr
HGCMFunctionParameter patterns
HGCMFunctionParameter size
HGCMFunctionParameter timestamp

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