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[VBox HDD Container]

#include <VBoxHDD-new.h>

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Detailed Description

Configuration information interface

Per-image. Optional for most backends, but mandatory for images which do not operate on files (including standard block or character devices).

Definition at line 610 of file VBoxHDD-new.h.

Public Member Functions

 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnQuery,(void *pvUser, const char *pszName, char *pszValue, size_t cchValue))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnQuerySize,(void *pvUser, const char *pszName, size_t *pcbValue))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (bool, pfnAreKeysValid,(void *pvUser, const char *pszzValid))

Public Attributes

uint32_t cbSize

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