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[VBox HDD Container]

#include <VBoxHDD-new.h>

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Detailed Description

Support interface for asynchronous I/O

Per-disk. Optional.

Definition at line 419 of file VBoxHDD-new.h.

Public Member Functions

 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnTasksSubmit,(void *pvUser, void *apTasks[], unsigned cTasks, void *pvUser2, void *pvUserCaller, PFNVDCOMPLETED pfnTasksCompleted))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnPrepareWrite,(void *pvUser, void *pStorage, uint64_t uOffset, void *pvBuf, size_t cbWrite, void **ppTask))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnPrepareRead,(void *pvUser, void *pStorage, uint64_t uOffset, void *pvBuf, size_t cbRead, void **ppTask))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnFlush,(void *pvUser, void *pStorage))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnRead,(void *pvUser, void *pStorage, uint64_t uOffset, size_t cbRead, void *pvBuf, size_t *pcbRead))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnWrite,(void *pvUser, void *pStorage, uint64_t uOffset, size_t cbWrite, const void *pvBuf, size_t *pcbWritten))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnClose,(void *pvUser, void *pStorage))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnOpen,(void *pvUser, const char *pszLocation, bool fReadonly, void **ppStorage))

Public Attributes

uint32_t cbSize

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