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VBoxHelpActions Struct Reference

#include <VBoxProblemReporter.h>

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Detailed Description

Help Menu action container.

Contains actions for all help menu items and methods to insert them to a QMenu and to perform NLS string translation.

Instances of this class are to be created as members of QWidget classes that need a Help menu. The containing class usually passes itself as an argument to the setup() method and then calls addTo() to add actions to its Help menu. The retranslateUi() method is called when it is necessary to re-translate all action NLS according to the current language.

Definition at line 51 of file VBoxProblemReporter.h.

Public Member Functions

void addTo (QMenu *aMenu)
void retranslateUi ()
void setup (QObject *aParent)

Public Attributes

QAction * aboutAction
QAction * contentsAction
QAction * registerAction
QAction * resetMessagesAction
QAction * updateAction
QAction * webAction

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