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Machine::Data Struct Reference

#include <MachineImpl.h>

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Detailed Description

Internal machine data.

Only one instance of this data exists per every machine -- it is shared by the Machine, SessionMachine and all SnapshotMachine instances associated with the given machine using the util::Shareable template through the mData variable.

|const| members are persistent during lifetime so can be accessed without locking.

There is no need to lock anything inside init() or uninit() methods, because they are always serialized (see AutoCaller).

Definition at line 105 of file MachineImpl.h.

Public Attributes

com::ErrorInfo mAccessError
BOOL mAccessible
Bstr mConfigFile
Bstr mConfigFileFull
ComObjPtr< Snapshot > mCurrentSnapshot
BOOL mCurrentStateModified
ComObjPtr< Snapshot > mFirstSnapshot
RTFILE mHandleCfgFile
RTTIMESPEC mLastStateChange
MachineState_T mMachineState
uint32_t mMachineStateChangePending
uint32_t mMachineStateDeps
BOOL mRegistered
Session mSession
Utf8Str mSettingsFileVersion
const Guid mUuid


struct  Session

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