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CRContext Struct Reference

#include <cr_glstate.h>

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Detailed Description

Chromium version of the state variables in OpenGL

Definition at line 106 of file cr_glstate.h.

Public Attributes

CRAttribState attrib
CRbitvalue bitid [CR_MAX_BITARRAY]
CRBufferState buffer
CRBufferObjectState bufferobject
CRClientState client
CRCurrentState current
GLenum error
CREvaluatorState eval
CRExtensionState extensions
CRFeedbackState feedback
void * flush_arg
CRStateFlushFunc flush_func
CRFogState fog
CRHintState hint
int id
CRLightingState lighting
CRLimitsState limits
CRLineState line
CRListsState lists
CRMultisampleState multisample
CRbitvalue neg_bitid [CR_MAX_BITARRAY]
CROcclusionState occlusion
CRPixelState pixel
CRPointState point
CRPolygonState polygon
CRProgramState program
CRRegCombinerState regcombiner
GLenum renderMode
CRSelectionState selection
CRSharedState * shared
CRStencilState stencil
CRTextureState texture
CRTransformState transform
CRViewportState viewport
GLboolean lineLoop
GLboolean lineReset
CRVertex vBuffer [4]
GLuint vCount

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