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tmQueue Class Reference

#include <tmQueue.h>

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Detailed Description

This class isn't so much a queue as it is storage for transactions. It is set up to recieve and store transactions in a growing collection (using tmVectors). Different messages can be recieved from the Transaction Manager(TM) the queue belongs to which can add and remove listeners, empty the queue (flush), and add messages to the queue.

See the documentation in tmTransactionService.h for details on the messages you can send to and recieve from the queues in the TM

Definition at line 58 of file tmQueue.h.

Public Member Functions

PRInt32 AttachClient (PRUint32 aClientID)
PRInt32 DetachClient (PRUint32 aClientID)
void FlushQueue (PRUint32 aClientID)
PRUint32 GetID () const
const char * GetName () const
PRInt32 Init (const char *aName, PRUint32 aID, tmTransactionManager *aTM)
PRInt32 PostTransaction (tmTransaction *aTrans)
 tmQueue ()
virtual ~tmQueue ()

Protected Member Functions

PRBool IsAttached (PRUint32 aClientID)

Protected Attributes

PRUint32 mID
tmVector mListeners
char * mName
tmVector mTransactions

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